Business Solutions

4C Business PlanThe key to every successful business is careful planning.
At 4C Wealth Management we know that you’re working hard to make your business as successful as possible.

That’s why we believe it’s our responsibility to work just as hard to ensure you achieve your goals.

Through our experience of working with business owners, we’ve analyzed that most have similar needs:

  • Capital Preservation
  • Daily Liquidity
  • Tax-Efficiency
  • Low Fees

Our team boasts significant industry experience which ensures we exceed expectations on all of the aforementioned client needs.

4C Wealth Management financial advisors give you access to:

  • Business Asset Management (B.A.M.)
    A customized income savings portfolio with tax benefits.
  • Group Benefits & Investments
    Incentivize employees and improve morale and loyalty.
  • Succession Planning
    Everyone needs an exit strategy.

Business Asset Management (B.A.M.)

Our Business Asset Management (BAM) program is designed to benefit business owners by allowing them to keep more of what they earn through:

  • Tax Savings
    Corporate Class mutual funds offer tax deferment and preferable taxation on investment income.
  • Liquidity
    Investments are redeemable daily.
  • Increased Yield
    Bond Mutual Funds typically pay higher yields then GIC’s and high interest savings accounts.
  • Tax Deductions
    Some fees are tax deductible.

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Incorporated Professionals

Professionals have very specific needs and concerns which our team successfully addresses through the consultation of estate and taxation specialists. Professionals that are incorporated have additional opportunities to minimize taxation:

  • Access Pre-Tax Cash Flow
    Individual Pension Plan (IPP) contribution room exceeds that of RSP’s.
  • Tax-Minimization
    Defer taxes and pay income at a lower marginal tax rate by using Corporate Class Mutual Funds.
  • Business Planning
    Group Benefits, Risk Minimization, Savings, etc.
  • Tax Deductions
    Some fees are tax deductible.

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